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 MB Forum Help - How to create a clickable image or text

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funkey name : imgardien
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PostSubject: MB Forum Help - How to create a clickable image or text   Sat Jan 09, 2010 3:48 am

How to create a clickable image or text by IMFunkey

Don't follow these guidelines too closely - they need to be updated for our new forum!

Creating a clickable image or text is actually pretty easy. If you are familiar with the tools that are at the top of the page when you Post a reply by using the QUOTE or ADD REPLY that is the most easiest way so I will show you.

Here is the image of the tools available to you AFTER you click on QUOTE or ADD REPLY

If you use the CREATE LINK tab which is the 7th button in from the left this is the easiest. You will then get a box asking for the address which you will then enter (it should be the address where you want people to go to when they click on the text or image) like this:

after you enter the address and click OK, you will get another box:

This is where you will enter text that you want people to see OR the image you want them to see. If you do an image - you will need the link to the image to put into there with the IMG tags. After you click OK it will put it into your message - usually at the bottom of the message. Move it to where you need it.

Here is what you will see when you do it correctly:

post a message
[url=]post a message[/url]


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MB Forum Help - How to create a clickable image or text
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