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 MJ Forum Help - How to make your own avatar

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MJ Forum Help - How to make your own avatar Empty
PostSubject: MJ Forum Help - How to make your own avatar   MJ Forum Help - How to make your own avatar Icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2010 5:22 am

How to make your own avatar by revvinon

Your avatar's width cannot exceed 150 pixels, the height cannot exceed 200 pixels, and the file size cannot be higher than 64 KB.

For those of you who would like to make your own avatar from the game, here is what I use to do it:
Print Screen button on keyboard (prt scr) (See How to take a "snapshot" or "screen shot")
UB Funkeys game

1) Get Irfanview here: It is a free program and I use it to resize my pictures because it keeps them proportionate.
2) I start the UB Funkeys game and when I see something that I like for a avatar I press the Print Screen, go to Paint, click edit>paste. You should now have your picture in Paint.
3) I grab the picture and pull it till I have what I want in the upper left corner on the Paint canvas. Then I click out of the selected area and resize the Paint canvas by finding the resize tabs on the outside of the Paint canvas and pull them in till I have what I want for my picture.
4) I will click edit, select all, then copy and open Irfanview, click edit, then paste. Now I click Image, resize/resample. Put 150 in for the width.
5) I click edit and copy and go back to Paint. I then click edit, paste, image>attributes and set the width at 150 and the height at 200. If I need to I add color or modify at this time.
6) I usually take the picture back to Irfanview to save it by clicking edit in Paint, select all, copy and then go back to Irfanview, click edit>paste. Then click File>save as, then name it, select folder to put image in and save as type - JPG-JPEG files.

That's It!! You have just created your very own avatar!

I also have a BUNCH of avatars already made up here: RU Funkey avatars for UB Funkeys forum
Twinx has a BUNCH of avatars made up here.
Cuddles has avatars here. Note: Cuddles has not used her PhotoBucket account for more than 90 days, so her images are currently unavailable.
qwerty994 has avatars here.
If anyone else has avatars and would like theirs listed in here - please let me know.

Right click on the avatar you wish to use, Click "save picture as" and name your picture.
You can modify these pictures (RU Funkey avatars) to whatever you like by using Paint or any other image editing software. See Make your own Mix'n'Match Funkey
To put the image on the forum just click on the Profile tab, then click on Avatar, then click on the BROWSE button to upload your photo to the website.
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MJ Forum Help - How to make your own avatar
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