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 MF Forum Help - Make your own Funkey!

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funkey name : imgardien
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PostSubject: MF Forum Help - Make your own Funkey!   Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:35 am

Creating your own Funkey by revvinon

Cuddles has created a Paint template which is available here:
This is the same as the one in the downloads on the UB Funkey website here:
but instead of the shadow, it is all white so easier to use in Paint.[/quote]
Note: Cuddles has not used her PhotoBucket account for more than 90 days, so her images are currently unavailable. Does anyone have the clean template she made saved somewhere?


Make your own Mix'n'Match Funkey by Twinx

Here's how to make your own Mix'n'Match Funkey.

Open up your photo editing programme, (I am using Adobe Photoshop), the open the pictures you want to use, (in this case Tiki, Sprout and Stitch), open a New image a little larger than the Funkey picture you want to use, (mine is 100x140 pixels), and paint it the same colour as the background of the Funkey picture.

Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to select the Funkey who’s Body you want to use, (in this case, Rare Tiki), use the Move Tool to drag the Funkey onto the New image, (with some other programmes you might have to copy and paste the image).

Next zoom in to the picture of the Funkey you want the Head from, (e.g. Rare Sprout), and use either the Magnetic Lasso Tool or the Polygonal Lasso Tool, (whichever you are most comfortable using, if using a different programme use the most suitable Tool available), and outline the Funkeys Head.

Drag, (or copy and paste), the Head onto the New image and place it on top of the original Funkeys Head, line it up so you can't see the 'Tiki' Head, you might need to use the Bounding Box and resize the Head a little, if you do this remember to hold down the Shift Key to keep the aspect ratio.

Do the same as above with the Arms and Feet of the Next Funkey/s, (I'm using Very Rare Stitch).

As you can see sometimes the parts don't line up correctly so use your Rectangular Marquee Tool again to select the parts you want to move, (right arm and leg), and then once selected, (making sure you are on the correct layer), change to the Move Tool move the selected area into the correct position with your arrow keys, then de-select the area.

To make sure it looks right you can change the layer order, I usually use the head as the top layer as it then covers any rough edges at the top of the arms.

You can finish off by adding your name at the bottom using the Text Tool. All you have to do now is save the picture to your computer.

Now you should have a complete Mix'n'Match Funkey of your own and you can upload it here for us all to see.


How to Make a Funkey! (Photoshop) by Cuddles

I'm going to teach all of you how to create a funkey with photoshop! I know many people are wanting to create funkeys now.

Step 01: Open up Photoshop

Step 02: Go to Funkey Downloads, scroll down, and click on the Funkey Template

Step 03: Right click and copy, then go back into photoshop. Click File > New... > Ok

Step 04: Click at the top: Edit > Paste. The Funkey template should show up. Now, click Layer > Flatten Image

Ok! Those were the basic steps for opening the file. Now the creative part! Designing the funkey!

Step 05: Click on the color box and choose a color. I'm going to use a blue.

Step 06: Use the paint can to fill in the funkey. Make sure "Contiguous" and "Anti-alias" are checked at the top of the screen.

Step 07: Let's add some other colors! Get a different color and fill in the desired areas with the paintbrush as well. I'm going to paint the feet and ears a lighter blue.

Step 08: Now let's split color the arms. Click on the Line Tool and set the Weight to around 7 or 8.

Make two lines, one going across each arm.

Click at the top: Layer > Merge Down

Now right click on the eraser tool and click on the normal eraser. Set the brush size to around 70.

Erase the lines that go outside of the arms. Then click at the top: Layer > Flatten Image

Then do the same with the other funkey (The flipped one)

Step 09: Fill in which ever side of the line you want to.

Step 10: Now, let's say we want this to be a Rain Funkey. We should put a rain drop on his tummy! Right click on the Line Tool and click the Custom Shape tool. Now, up at the top, where it says "Shape:" click on the shape and locate the rain drop.

Click and drag on the picture until you get a big enough rain drop. Now, right click on the Marquee Tool and make a box (click and drag) around the rain drop. Right click and click on "Free Transform". Then up near the corner of the box, click and drag until you have the rain drop angled.

Step 11: Ok! Now time for the eyes! Click on the Custom Shape Tool (Used to be the Line Tool) and click on the Ellipse Tool. Create a white oval. Then go up to the top and click: Edit > Stroke

Click ok. A black line should show up around the white oval. Now make a new black oval that's a little bit smaller. Position it somewhere inside the white oval. Then click on the brush tool. Get a circle that's about 40px. Click on the black in the eye to make a "shine" mark.

The eye should look like that. Now click at the top: Layer > Merge Down

Now, get the Marquee tool again and make a box around the eye. Copy it and paste another. Move that beside the eye and you'll have two eyes!

Step 12: Design what ever mouth you want it to have. Just mess around with the brushes and shapes and all that.

Step 13: THE FINAL STEP! All we're going to do now is shade! Right click on the Dodge tool and select the Burn tool. Get a soft round brush and make it about 200px. Make sure it's set to Highlights at the top and make the Exposure about 25%.

And your done!! Just experiment around with all the different features and let your creativity take control!

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MF Forum Help - Make your own Funkey!
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