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 MD Forum Help - Posting Images and Image Links - Using the 'code' tags to give a link

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funkey name : imgardien
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Location : Waggs U, Canada

PostSubject: MD Forum Help - Posting Images and Image Links - Using the 'code' tags to give a link   Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:10 am

Posting Images and Image Links by Cuddles

Everyone has been asking lately how I am able to show you my Funkeys that I have created. Well I'm finally making a step by step guide!

Step 01: Save your Funkey Image to your computer

Step 02: Go to,, or

Step 03: Create an account if you don't already have one (This is only necessary for some sites)

Step 04: Locate the image on your computer and upload it to the site

Step 05: Copy the image URL

Step 06: ( Paste the URL where it says "***" )

If you're going to just make it an image:

If you're going to make it into a link:
[url=***]Type what you want![/url]


Posting Images and Image Links by develish1

You beat me to it this time Cuddles. Just in case anyone needs it though, here's my "how to" as well as it's got a few pictures in it too and sohws you how to use a particular site to save your pictures to.

This is using XP by the way, but if you have vista it will still look similar.

First, you have to save your picture to a website and I use a site called (there are others you can use though) I like this one because you don't have to have an account or give them any details about yourself etc, although you can open an account if you want to.

When you get to the site click on upload and the screen will look something like this (adds might be different of course);

click where it says browse and you will get a pop up like this;

This is where you choose the picture you want to save on the site, so find the one you want and click on it then click open. Then click on the UPLOAD NOW button.

the screen will then change to this after a few seconds;

here you need to do 2 things. first click where it says add to favourites (where I've marked with a green box) this saves it to your favourite on this site so you can find it again.

Then click on the text where I've added the red box, copy it and paste it in your message or signature, wherever you want. Make sure you use all of the text, including any bits in brackets.

the picture will then appear in your message.

to find the picture again just go back to the site and click on the favourites bit at the top, it will bring up all the pics you've added to your favourites before.[/quote]


Using the 'code' tags to give out the link of an image by IMFunkey

If you use the "Answer" (or Reply to Topic) button then use this button here:

Follow the directions on the picture to actually get the code box. I just left what I did in the picture on the rest of this post
to show what you will see.

You will get the code tags which is actually just

(code) (/code) only with square brackets like [ this. ]

Place your text or image inside the words like this:

(code)put the link to picture here(/code)

put the link to picture here

and it will give you the 'code' box to show how to display your image.
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MD Forum Help - Posting Images and Image Links - Using the 'code' tags to give a link
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