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 MI Forum Help - Finding Avatars

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MI Forum Help - Finding Avatars Empty
PostSubject: MI Forum Help - Finding Avatars   MI Forum Help - Finding Avatars Icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2010 4:46 am

Finding Avatars! by Cuddles

You can either find an image online, or you can upload your own image to set it as your avatar. The size actually doesn't matter, it will automatically resize to 50x70 pixels. For better quality though, if you have an image editing program like Paint Stop Pro or Photoshop or anything else then you can resize them to 50x70 yourself. Normally, if you do this with paint, it doesn't work so well.

So you all don't even really need to put effort in it, a couple other people, and myself, have either made or posted sites where you can get avatars!

1. Animated Avatars by Cuddles: click here
Note: Cuddles has not used her PhotoBucket account for more than 90 days, so her images are currently unavailable.
2. Customizable Avatars by Twinx: click here
3. Funkey Avatars by revvinon: click here
4. Pictures from U.B. Funkeys site: click here (You can use the Funkey Icons, or you can scroll down to the bottom)

You can also search the forums! People have been talking about avatars a lot lately! Hope this helped!

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More avatars by members of the forum:
Avatars by qwerty994
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MI Forum Help - Finding Avatars
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