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 D: Vista 64-bit patch for U.B Funkeys

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funkey name : imgardien
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D: Vista 64-bit patch for U.B Funkeys Empty
PostSubject: D: Vista 64-bit patch for U.B Funkeys   D: Vista 64-bit patch for U.B Funkeys Icon_minitimeTue Jan 12, 2010 1:37 pm

revvinon wrote:
Hello deegee - welcome to the forum.

I have not tried the patch (I don't have VISTA 64) from TSE but if you followed everything they had written there for running the patch, it probably would be best to call Mattel/Radica. They will send you the patch directly.

Good Luck!

Here is a little more info on installing that patch: from someone who HAS done it.

Good Luck!

jimbodo wrote:
I just Finally succeeded in installing UB Funkeys on a 64 bit Vista OS. I will try to answer questions if any more arise but I did it using the Speak easy links (type 64 in the search on this forum). There are direct links to the info starting on the 2nd page of posts under that search. one of them actually had the files to zip to my computer without even calling Tech help. The hardest part was figuring out how to rename the Funkey patch text file to a zip file so that the patch could be extracted. after that following the instructions in the readme worked. Follow the instructions closely and start the install at the correct point in the patch or it will not work.

Thank you Revvinon for the *Edit that had the link on renaming the file

Pudle wrote:
I had to register to the forums just so I could voice the headache I have had with these Funkeys! Some clear and precise instructions should be posted for computer illiterate parents.

First off, I think of myself pretty proficient with computers and electronics and should not have had to spend 3 days to get the Funkeys to work properly.

I bought my daughter a starter kit and 5 Funkeys from different realms for Christmas. I had no idea what they were ( now I know lots Smile ). I plugged it in thinking a simple plug and play concept. No such luck. I find out you need to install the software first and ignore the windows drivers? I do this and still nothing! I think that I screwed up the drivers and do a fresh install. Still nothing? I am thinking it has to be a 64 bit thing! After hours of no luck I call it a night. Next day I have no idea how I found it but I was reading this link . As tempting as updated software sounded, I opted for the patch. Now this patch is not a simple patch? You have to apply it half way through the install! No worries, "I got this covered. Patch successful! Game works and my daughter thinks I am a hero! I found out that there are rares and codes and stuff from all my readings trying to get it working. I am actually getting into this game and thinking we are going shopping for more Funkeys! Now my daughter is saying that Raj is not working? I check it out and to no avail it wants an update! What? I do some more googleing and no luck! I finally break down and call support, I suggest maybe I should download the whole software file. He assures me that with the 64 bit patch I should be good to go! Must just be Christmas and the servers are bogged? I read a few more posts on these forums and come to the conclusion that the update is not working! It was shortly after this I find out that the 64 bit patch only updated me to 3.0. Two days later and I muster the energy to solve this problem! After hours of reading I make sure I have Adobe Flash 10 (installed with IE (I run Fire Fox)) and keep running as Admin. Still nothing. More reading and I think my connection is timing out. I fiddle with the hub to the point that it no longer registers and a reinstall is inevitable (now I have data I do not want to loose). After more reading I figure I will back up what data I have and download the latest software from the link above. Still not getting it all? I try with a hard wired computer and still problems from the Mattel servers! I download a download attachment for firefox and I finally get the 4.8 software. I do an uninstall and reinstall. Good to go, I get the 5.0 update and all seems good. I copy my data files as posted somewhere on these forums. I load up fine, log in and get stuck on "loading funkeystown". Uninstall and reinstall, this time not copying user data. Good to go! Raj works and still had all my save data! Keep in mind that I am still in 4.8. Only one update a day so I will try 5.0 tomorrow and report back.

In short:

Install Adobe 10 with IE (Just to be safe, I don't know if it makes a difference?)

Get a download manager (4.8 is over 500mb and Mattel will cut you short!)

Download the 4.8 version from the link above (The patch is only 3.0)

Just to be safe, back up data. Was not necessary for me but you never know.


The smaller 198 mb download from 4.8 to 5.0 should work. If not, I will post a solution tomorrow after I do it.

I am admin so I never ran it as, You may still have to do this?

Good luck, and I feel so sorry for parents that buy these things and just have no clue! Support has none either, It was from good people here and a lot of reading for me to figure this out.

Hacksaw wrote:
Just an FYI, there is no (none, nada, zilch) 64 bit software on any of the CD's that come with UB Funkeys. The ONLY way to install correctly is by downloading the software off of the website. Download software from Mattel If you install using the CD on a 64 bit system it will install the 32 bit drivers, which will not work. You MUST un-install anything you installed from the CD before you try to install the version from the website. When they started making UB Funkeys almost nobody had 64 bit systems, so they never put 64 bit software on the discs. As usual make sure you run as admin, and add UB to firewall exceptions.

If you still have the problem after you re-install, call tech support, that's what they are there for. Please don't let a phone call keep you from enjoying the game. We don't bite.
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D: Vista 64-bit patch for U.B Funkeys
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