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 C: Windows Firewall

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C: Windows Firewall Empty
PostSubject: C: Windows Firewall   C: Windows Firewall Icon_minitimeTue Jan 12, 2010 1:27 pm

To check Windows Firewall settings on an XP:

Click on START, select Settings, then Control Panel

You should see a bunch of icons or file names; one near the bottom will say Windows Firewall. Open it and you'll get something like this:

C: Windows Firewall 6ghjs0

Look at the box next to "Don't allow exceptions". Take the tick mark off if it's there. If it's not there, leave the box alone.

Then click on the Exceptions tab.

Click on Add Program (at left, near the bottom).

C: Windows Firewall WindowsFirewall01

A list of software will pop up. If UBFunkeys is not one of those, then click on Browse.

C: Windows Firewall WindowsFirewall02

Navigate your way through the directory tree. Go up, then from the top, it should be

C: Windows Firewall WindowsFirewall03

My Computer
Program Files
U.B. Funkeys

Then you will see an icon that says UBFunkeys.

C: Windows Firewall WindowsFirewall04

Keep going...

C: Windows Firewall WindowsFirewall05

There it is in the image below. Click on it (don't double click!) then click on OPEN.

C: Windows Firewall WindowsFirewall06

It should appear in the list of software:

C: Windows Firewall WindowsFirewall07

Click OKAY and it should appear on the list of 'exceptions', with a box with a tick mark next to it. If there's no tick mark, click on the box to make one.

Then click OK at the bottom.

C: Windows Firewall WindowsFirewall08

That should allow UBFunkeys unlimited internet access.

If this isn't clear, or you get lost, let us know.

Good luck!
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C: Windows Firewall
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