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 B: Updating Your Game Software

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funkey name : imgardien
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B: Updating Your Game Software Empty
PostSubject: B: Updating Your Game Software   B: Updating Your Game Software Icon_minitimeThu Jan 07, 2010 5:01 am

problems downloading updates? by develish1

First things first, you need to have your game set to look for downloads or nothing will happen.

To get the download message to pop up, first start your game, but don't log in yet. Click on "options" and make sure theres a tick against "on" where it says "check for updates"
Make sure you're online and then log in, and it should automatically check for updates and ask for permission to download what it finds.

Some people have had problems getting downloads to fully install so here's a few tips on that side of things.

Do you have more than one person set up on your PC? If so you might have to do the download using the adminstrator log in instead of one of the others. Some people have had trouble getting it to download properly on other ID's but after switching to the administrator log in the dowloads seem to work fine.

Do you have any filtering software like cybersitter? again if you do you might have to turn it off while you do the download as these types of software can sometimes block parts of the download. this means that alsthough it may look like everythings downloaded fine, it doesn't correctly install the files as there are bits missing.

And finally, how do you connect to the internet? If it's via a router, ie WIFI, try connecting directly instead as WIFI has been known to affect the download for some people.


by revvinon

Another thought would be to make sure your firewall is letting the game access the internet.


by imgardien

In order to get updates, you need to have an active internet connection - which you do if you're posting here - but you also need to make sure your connection is active when you first login to the game, and that your firewall allows U.B. Funkeys to access your computer & the internet.

From the main menu, go to the OPTIONS tab and make sure CHECK FOR UPDATES: is checked ON (see pics below). Then, from time to time it will say "Let me check to see if there's anything new in Terrapinia..." (see pic below). Let it check. It may take a few minutes even on highspeed, but that means it's comparing your computer files with the latest files from Mattel. If it finds something you don't have, it will announce "Great News!", and tell you what it's found and approximately how long it will take to update.

Many times it says the update is 0 MB (zero megabytes) and will take 0 minutes to download. (see pic below) Accept the update anyway: even though is says 0 MB there's something there, which i believe is a small patch from Mattel. i get one of these just about every week, and my game works very well apart from occasional problems with Funkeys not reading on the hub.

If you still don’t get updates, or you have other game problems, post a message in Support, and tell us what operating system you have (XP, Vista, etc.).

B: Updating Your Game Software Main_OPTIONS400
B: Updating Your Game Software CheckForUpdates400
B: Updating Your Game Software Anythingnew
B: Updating Your Game Software Download

(There was a time when posters warned forum members not to accept updates, because there was a flawed one, but that's not the case since Jan. 1, 2009 or at this time (April 2009). Anyway, it only takes a few minutes to make back-up a copy of your game before getting any updates. In fact it's a good idea to make regular back-ups when your game is working properly.
See the Problems Encountered section of the FAQ topic:
Back up game files BEFORE updates
Back up of player data
Backup of player data - Vista )

To force an update revvinon has written "you can go My Computer>C:Drive>Program Files>U.B. Funkeys>RadicaGame and look for a store.xml file and delete or rename it."

That advice is for XP, if you have Vista the file may be in a different folder. The principle is the same.

Problems with 4.5 update? by revvinon

Here is a link for those who are having a difficult time with getting the 4.5 update to actually finish installing -
courtesy of dylanjr who found this.

Mattel has graciously included a download file available here:
Open or save this document and inside there is the link to the actual download and this document also has instructions. This download is a big file - approximately 458MB. It also has the installation files for the game.

There is also a thread here: about this link with some other helpful suggestions with this download.

Good Luck and if you have any other questions please post them in the Help Me! forum.


by imgardien

The link to download 4.8 is


Incorrect password??? and Master Lox strikes by revvinon

Incorrect Password:
When a person logs into the game you need to wait and not touch anything else. The game is trying to connect to the server and if you interupt it - you will get the incorrect password message. Click LOGIN, choose the player name, enter password if needed, then click OK. Now just wait - up to a minute. The game will either login with the ability to use your chat funkeys and Multi Player funkeys and the ability to do the Online Progress Saves OR you will get the "Master Lox strikes again" message.

Master Lox Strikes again:
The "Master Lox strikes again" message means that you were not able to get a connection to the server. If you get this message and NEED to be connected to server - quit game and try again. Make sure you have an active internet connection before you start the game to insure greater chances of connecting and also make sure your firewall is set to allow UB Funkeys to access the internet.

As always if you still have questions - Please ask in the Help Me! forum.


Need a new Installation Disc? by revvinon

UBSOL found a way to get a new installation disc here:
[url= ]Mattel Store[/url]

develish1 wrote:
This only applies if you're in the US though.

In the UK though, Mattel tell me they don't supply replacement discs, so the only solution is to buy an original hub and use that disc. When I contacted their UK helpline, staff there suggested that anyone in the UK who needs one should check out play . com (without spaces of course) as they have an original with scratch/twinx for £5 and free postage. (product/price info correct at time of posting)


Back up game files BEFORE updates by revvinon

Since it seems that many are having problems after they do updates I would suggest saving your game files BEFORE you do an update - that way you would be back to where you started before the problem occured.

To do this:
My Computer>C:drive>Program Files>U.B. Funkeys COPY the RadicaGame folder then go back out to Program Files and create a new folder and call it UB Backup. PASTE the RadicaGame folder in here. If it every happened where you had a problem after an update - just COPY the RadicaGame folder from your UB Backup folder and replace it with the one in the U.B. Funkeys folder. It will tell you it exists - just replace it.

I do this EVERYTIME it has an update. Just keep replacing the one in the UB Backup folder.


Also on Vista - there is another location where the player data files are:
C:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS LOGON NAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\U.B. Funkeys
*AppData is a hidden folder. You need to go to control panel, set it to classic view, go to folder options, go to the view tab, and chose the option to view hidden files and folders.
Make sure you save this file also.

Thanks eman528 for this information!


Back up of player data by revvinon

I have had times when I needed to un-install UB Funkeys and re-install the UB Funkeys because a download didn't work. I had alot already accomplished in the game. What to do?
1) Find the U.B. Funkeys folder under Program Files on your hard drive.
2) Find RadicaGame folder.
3) Find data folder. Here will be the information you need to NOT lose your progress.
4) Highlight and copy all the player folders.
5) I make another folder OUTSIDE of the U.B. Funkeys folder called UB profiles.
6) Paste the player folders into this folder.
7) Open the system folder in the U.B. Funkeys folder (U.B. Funkeys>RadicaGame>data>system).
Cool Here you need to highlight & copy the users.rdf file and put that into the folder you created with your profiles. (this one has the information for the players created such as the names and passwords).

After you do your un-install and re-install the UB Funkeys program onto your computer just get the files you put into your UB profiles folder and put them into the U.B. Funkeys folder like this:
1) Highlight and copy the players folders and the users.rdf file from your UB profiles folder and goto U.B. Funkeys>RadicaGame>data and paste the folders there (there won't be any other information in the data folder except for the system information until you paste the players folders).
2) Grab that users.rdf file by highlight and cut and put it into the system folder - it will tell you that file already exists. Replace it with the one you saved.
Now when you start UB Funkeys you should have all your progress in there.
Remember if you had a problem with a download to try the other tip about downloading and turning off other programs before downloading EXCEPT for firewalls and anti-virus .

Hope this helps! Also if you still need further assistance, Please ask in the support forum as we check here often.

Good Luck!


Also once you have created your unique funkey name you will also need to save the chat.rdf file from this location: (U.B. Funkeys>RadicaGame>data>system) this should have all your chat information - buddy lists and such.


Backup of player data - Vista by revvinon

Apparantly there is another location for the save files on the Vista OS. Here is the excerpt from a post:

eman528 -
ISSUE RESOLVED!!!!! I have found the location of the save files in Vista.

C:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS LOGON NAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\U.B. Funkeys

The data folder is contained within, so if you copy the data into there, it works! The system only has the options.rdf and users.rdf files.

*AppData is a hidden folder. You need to go to control panel, set it to classic view, go to folder options, go to the view tab, and chose the option to view hidden files and folders.

Thanks eman528 for finding this bit of information!

You will still need the users.rdf and chat.rdf files from this location:
C:drive>program Files>U.B. Funkeys>RadicaGame>data>system

If you still have questions on this - please ask in the support forum.


Problems downloading Paradox Green 5.0 update? by imgardien

Here's a guide to the Paradox Green 5.0 update.
Read the whole post BEFORE you start your update!

First, always back up your game files before you get a big update. revvinon has posted several topics to help you on this.
Back up game files BEFORE updates
Back up of player data
Backup of player data - Vista

Second, your computer needs to check for updates.

If it doesn't happen automatically for you, check here: problems downloading updates?

It's best if you close all other programs (except your firewall & anti-virus protection etc.) before you begin the update.

Third, when your computer starts to check for updates, let it go. You should get a screen that looks like this:

B: Updating Your Game Software Anything_new_2

It may take a few minutes to complete its check.

When it's done, you should see something like this:

B: Updating Your Game Software PGVersion5_GreatNews

Click on Yes, begin the download.

It will take a while to download and install the update, depending on the speed of your internet connections. It's a large download - 179 MB (megabytes) - and will take anywhere from 12 minutes to 47 minutes with a high speed connection. Don't be alarmed by the part that says it "will take approximately 47 minutes to download on a high speed internet connection." i got that message and it only took about 10 minutes to download and 2 minutes to install. i watched someone else install it on their computer using a slower connection and it took about 25 minutes.

You can play Museum Mask Mayhem or Funk Jongg while you wait.

When it's done downloading the update, you should see this:

B: Updating Your Game Software PGVersion5_LetsGo

Click on Let's Go but don't do anything else. After a few moments you should see this screen:

B: Updating Your Game Software PGVersion5_Installation

Be patient and let the installation software do its job. Don't do anything with your computer, keyboard or mouse. Once the installation is complete - it will take a few minutes - then your game should reboot. It will come back with the main menu:

B: Updating Your Game Software Main_LOGIN400

Login as usual and be Funkey!

Don't forget to look at the Codex in the library!

If your download & installation doesn't work or you have any other problems with getting Paradox Green to work, please post in the Help Me! forum. Let us know where the problem occurred - at what stage of the installation. And let us know what version of Windows OS (operating system) you're using - 2000, XP, Vista 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows 7 or whatever. Please be patient, we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

*************** NEW INFO JULY 5, 2009 ***************

Here's one problem: some people are having trouble because they don't have Adobe Flash 10.
If you get stuck on "Loading Funkeystown..." or on the Paradox Green portal, that's probably your problem. Make sure you are using IE (Internet Explorer) as your browser when you download Flash. It has been reported that that's the only way the download will work. You may also need to "run as administrator".

To get Adobe Flash 10, go to and click on the link GET ADOBE FLASH PLAYER as shown below in the red circle. (You can also use ) It's free.

B: Updating Your Game Software AdobeFlash

After you install Flash 10, you will have to re-start your computer and then get the update again. You should not have to download & install all of the files again, but the game will have to check for an update before the new download takes effect. You can wait a day, or try to 'force' an update. The simplest way to force an update is to set your clock/calendar forward a week or a month. (Just remember to set it back afterwards!) Then login to the game, and it should check for updates. If that doesn't work, take a look here: problems downloading updates?

If you have any problems with Flash 10, you can find some good advice here:

*************** NEW INFO August 10, 2009 ***************

The update does seem to work for most people with Vista 64-bit OS, if you have already installed the 64-bit patch. If you encounter problems installing 5.0 on your Vista 64-bit OS (operating system), please post here:

*************** NEW INFO August 21, 2009 ***************
Can't share games created with Ace or Mulch?

There seems to be a glitch with the software, so no one can share their created games.

At this time, it seems we have to wait for Mattel to fix the problem.

Update January 6, 2010: we're still waiting....
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B: Updating Your Game Software
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