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 Can Anyone Help Me!!!

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funkey name : aznboy10
Join date : 2010-01-12
Location : Manitoba, Canada

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PostSubject: Can Anyone Help Me!!!   Can Anyone Help Me!!! Icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2010 10:21 pm

I really want to download UBFunkeys to my new Laptop. It has Windows 7 and im using a cd thats been used on a desktop can someone help me and fast Crying or Very sad Sad
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funkey name : imgardien
Join date : 2009-12-28
Location : Waggs U, Canada

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PostSubject: Re: Can Anyone Help Me!!!   Can Anyone Help Me!!! Icon_minitimeMon Jan 18, 2010 7:36 pm

Hi aznboy10.

The procedure seems to be pretty simple, but i don't have Windows 7 myself, so i've never done this.

1) If you have already installed U.B. Funkeys from your CD, then you must uninstall it.

2) You may already have Flash 10 on your laptop, but if you don't know for sure, then you need to update to Adobe Flash Player 10. To get it, go to and click on the link GET ADOBE FLASH PLAYER as shown below in the red circle. You can also use It's free.

Can Anyone Help Me!!! AdobeFlash

3) Install U.B. Funkeys using the download from the Mattel website. When you install, make sure you are connected to your modem directly, do not use wi-fi or wireless, because you need to have a constant connection to the internet for the update to download properly.

The link for the most current install software is It is a PDF, click the link for the update. It will install version 4.8 and then you will get the Paradox Green update after you complete the install. Just keep in mind, read the instructions & also make sure your firewalls are not blocking the game.

The direct link to the download is

Do you know how to set your firewalls to allow U.B. Funkeys to have access?

4) Once the 4.8 version is sucessfully installed, you will need to get the Paradox Green update if it does not automatically check for updates & install them. Go to OPTIONS, click ON next to CHECK FOR UPDATES. See Updating Your Game Software.

You will need to be patient during this downlaod and update process. It will take a while, depending on your connection speed, but don't click on anything to 'speed it up'. Let it do its work.

Make sure you keep a copy of your game on your old computer until we're sure it's working properly on your laptop!

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Can Anyone Help Me!!!
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