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 CAA Why do I need a Unique Funkey Name (UFN)? How do I get one?

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PostSubject: CAA Why do I need a Unique Funkey Name (UFN)? How do I get one?   Tue Jan 12, 2010 2:31 pm

A Unique Funkey Name or UFN is necessary if you want to enjoy any of the online features of the game. These include Multiplayer or MP games where you can play against a human opponent instead of the computer. In the Hidden Realm there's a 'free' MP game called Sushi Showdown, it's basically Chinese Checkers. The 'free' part is that you can play the game using any Funkey. The other MP games are Lucky's Rainbow Shootout (football / soccer), Dyer's Jongg Challenge, kinda like Funk Jongg but with different tiles, and you take turns with your opponent to make matches.

Sprocket's game is boxing, similar to Racer X Rumble. Snipe's game is pool though it's called Bombastic Billiards. (That's a personal favourite of mine!) Two of the Paradox Green Funkeys have MP games. Rastro's game is Rasteroids, each player has 3 space robot rovers and the object is to destroy your opponent's rovers first. Tadd's game is LilyTadd Tiles, a kind of dominoes.

Another UFN feature is the Chat Rooms. Thre are 4 Funkeys - Gabby, Holler, Rom and Rewind - each has a Chat room in their clubhouse where you can chat online with other Funkey players. It's a bit slow and sometimes frustrating, because you can only say things from a pre-selected menu - but that does keep it safe.

Buy a cell phone from a Chat Funkey's store and you can chat with your friends from anywhere in Terrapinia. Buy a home phone and you can invite your friends over to chat. They actually appear in your crib and can see it while you talk.

Add people to your friends or buddy list by clicking on the + tab, then typing in their Unique Funkey Name. If they're online, they get an invitation; if they accept, you'll have a new buddy!

You also need a UFN to buy things from the Angus Lab & Funkey Trunk. There are lots of cool items there, including 'moods' to express your feelings in Chats, and Funkey Familiars, which allow you to simulate another Funkey. Buy a Dot familiar and you can enter Dot's clubhouse! You can't use coins in the Funkey Trunk / Angus Lab though, you need Loot to buy anything, and that means using a credit card (only in the USA) or Pay-Pal account to buy Loot from Mattel.

Perhaps the most useful feature of having a UFN is that it saves your game profile online. That makes it simple to transfer your player to another computer, either when you upgrade, or when you visit a friend who also plays Funkeys.

To create a UFN, select CREATE PLAYER from the main menu:

If you're online, a purple screen should pop up:

Select I'd like to create a Unique Funkey Name, then enter your chosen name. Each name must be unique. If it rejects your first choice, try again. Add a couple of numbers to it, like Twinx2010. Some names are rejected because they're 'not in the dictionary'. That usually means there's something in that word that the program finds objectionable. A name like 'Killer' probably won't be accepted.

Then fill in your other information:

And click Yes (save my new name!)

Once you've successfully created your UFN, login to the game normally.

If you can't get that purple screen from the main menu, try from the other menu tab from within the game:

You must be online and have a good connection with the Mattel server to register a Unique Funkey Name. If you don't have a 'halo' around your Funkey head like the one below, you're either not online or have a bad connection.

If you have any problems or questions, post your question in Support.
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CAA Why do I need a Unique Funkey Name (UFN)? How do I get one?
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