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 CF Funkey Trunk & Angus Lab

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funkey name : imgardien
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PostSubject: CF Funkey Trunk & Angus Lab   Tue Jan 12, 2010 2:22 pm

tlcpokertables wrote:
Hi there,
I don't know much about this game, but my son keeps asking me questions about it....His latest question is, how do I get the portal jammers in the trunk?!? It keeps giving a message "Web registration and internet connection required".

I have internet connection, so I can't uderstand why it's not detectable. Also, where do I do the "web registration".

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you!!!
If you're missing one part, you'll get the error message for both.

Do you know that you can only buy Funkey Trunk and Angus Lab items with 'loot'? And that you need a credit card or Pay-Pal account to buy loot?
(If you live outside the USA, only a Pay-Pal account will work.)

In order to use the Funkey Trunk / Angus Lab you need:
1) a UFN (Unique Funkey Name) which is the "Web Registration" part
2) a good connection with the Mattel/Radica: server

If you don't have a UFN then take a look here.

You can tell if you have a good connection by the 'halo' around your avatar's head when you're in the game.
It looks like this:

If there's no halo, you have a bad connection to the server (even if your internet is working fine otherwise). Lately (since summer 2009) some of us have noticed that the halo may disappear after we've been playing for a while, but our connection is still good.

There are 2 main problems that can cause a bad connection:
1) occasionally the Mattel server is down for some reason. Then nobody can get in, and you get the 'Clerks Restocking' message. This is a temporary problem - just try again later.
2) There are several things on your computer that can prevent a good connection with the server, and you will also get the 'Clerks Restocking' message.
-if you connect to the internet by satellite (for example HughesNet) you cannot connect to the server
-if you connect to the internet through a wireless modem (say on a laptop) you probably cannot connect to the server
-your firewall, parental controls, or other security features may be preventing a good connection
-on Vista OS, you probably need to "run as administrator".

revvinon posted some advice and a good picture here

revvinon wrote:
Hello AKR3637 - welcome to the forum.

Like superbryan101 mentioned the web registration is having your unique funkey name and the internet connection is what happens when you start the game (when Master Lox DOESN'T strike). Here is a picture to clarify the internet connection and the error you are mentioning:

Good luck!

Last edited by imgardien on Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:58 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Add UFN link)
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CF Funkey Trunk & Angus Lab
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