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 ★ Barbercraft ★ [1.8]

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★ Barbercraft ★ [1.8] Empty
PostSubject: ★ Barbercraft ★ [1.8]   ★ Barbercraft ★ [1.8] Icon_minitimeMon Apr 06, 2015 10:26 pm

Hey guys, not really sure how many of my Funkey friends play Minecraft, but if you do, I'd like to showcase my Minecraft server a little bit Razz
Here's a short description: Barbercraft is a server dedicated to giving the player the ultimate experience!
A short description: PVP. Skywars. Parkour. Creative. Just some of the amazing things you can come across when in the popular multiworld server of Barbercraft. Plugins that allow Auctions, marraige, lottery, factions, and so much more are what make Barbercraft such a great environment for all players. Griefs can be fixed in seconds and trouble makers dealt with in calmly matters, you will never be made feel unwelcome or not wanted. Whether a Minecraft beginner or hardcore expert, we have everything you need here for a great experience!
Official Server YT Channel:

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funkey name : funkfunkman
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★ Barbercraft ★ [1.8] Empty
PostSubject: Re: ★ Barbercraft ★ [1.8]   ★ Barbercraft ★ [1.8] Icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2015 5:45 pm

Quite a few of us actually do play it! I think Yom2 made a ton of the skins. Like almost all of the funkeys. Look around in the minecraft section maybe. Im not too sure.
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★ Barbercraft ★ [1.8]
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