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 CC - How to Name and Share your Cribs or add a Garage to your Crib

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PostSubject: CC - How to Name and Share your Cribs or add a Garage to your Crib   Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:54 am

How to Name and Share your Cribs by Twinx

If you click on the bag of My Stuff icon on the bottom right of your screen you'll get the option to make a Crib. Select a room and decorate it as you wish with items you have bought and won with your Funkeys. To turn an item in your Crib you can right click on it, make sure there is enough space to turn it though or it won't work.

Once you are happy with your Crib you can Share it with other Funkey players! When in your Crib, just click on the Bag in the bottom left of your screen and then click on the 'Share' button, you will then get the option to Name your Crib. Once it's named and shared (provided you are connected to the internet), other players will be able to view your Crib.

You can save three different Cribs for each player name you have. All you have to do is, once you have successfully shared your first Crib, click on the 'Clear' button, (next to the 'Share' button), and you will then be able to start again with a new Crib, even a new layout! Remember that when you Share this new Crib you must name it in one of the empty slots available.

To re-visit your own Cribs you can click on the 'Load' button and select any one of your three shared, (saved), Cribs.

If you want to visit other people's Cribs then you must go to Grand Funkeys Station in Funkeystown and get onto the Tram. From here you can type in the name of the Crib you wish to visit or even go on a Mystery Tour! Just select the 'Surprise Me' button!

To add a Garage to your Crib all you need to do is buy a car, you can get them in the Speed Racer Zone or from Funkeystown. Unfrotunately, you cannot drive the car....
Good luck and have fun with your Cribs!
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CC - How to Name and Share your Cribs or add a Garage to your Crib
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