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 MH Forum Help - How to take a "snapshot" or "screen shot"

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PostSubject: MH Forum Help - How to take a "snapshot" or "screen shot"   Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:41 am

How to take a "snapshot" or "screen shot" by revvinon

To take a snapshot of your computer screen you need to bring up the image you want to capture on your computer monitor/screen.

Say I want a picture of this post I am doing right now. I will push the Print Screen (prt scr) button on my keyboard usually located near the number keypad near the backspace key.

common keyboard configuration

When you push this button it captures what is on the screen and places it into memory. Now to be able to use that “snapshot”……
Open up Paint or any other image software and click Edit and Paste. Now you should have that image you captured on your Paint canvas……

snapshot or screen shot image

Because there is a lot of extra stuff with the actual image I want to capture I will do some editing of the image. You can edit the image by narrowing in on the exact image you want by clicking onto the image and pulling the image to the upper left of the Paint canvas. Now you may have some white area to the right and bottom of the image. Click on the select tool and then find the little blue handles in the center right side of the canvas and pull it in to the part of the image you want to use. Do the same for the bottom part of the image. Now you can add words, other images or whatever to your screenshot. Save your image. I usually save my images as .jpg or as a .gif

editing and cropping

finished image - (sorry I forgot to save my original so I had to do another "snapshot" so it is different from the beginning photo)

I also use Irfanview when I am creating my images. You can copy and paste your image from the Paint program and resize your image to better fit the forum. After you Paste your image into Irfanview click Image>Resize/Resample this will bring up the resize dialog box. Make sure you have the Preserve Aspect Ratio box checked then it will resize without distorting your picture. You can then save your image from Irfanview also.

If you still have questions on this topic - just ask out in the forum and someone will help you.
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MH Forum Help - How to take a "snapshot" or "screen shot"
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