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 DB Troubleshooting - Adobe Flash Player 9 & 10

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DB Troubleshooting - Adobe Flash Player 9 & 10 Empty
PostSubject: DB Troubleshooting - Adobe Flash Player 9 & 10   DB Troubleshooting - Adobe Flash Player 9 & 10 Icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2010 2:19 am

Adobe Flash 10 is necessary for the 5.0 Paradox Green update by imgardien

Some people are having trouble with the 5.0 update because they don't have Adobe Flash 10.
If you get stuck on "Loading Funkeystown..." or on the Paradox Green portal, that's probably your problem. Make sure you are using IE (Internet Explorer) as your browser when you download Flash. It has been reported that that's the only way the download will work. You may also need to "run as administrator".

To get Adobe Flash 10, go to and click on the link GET ADOBE FLASH PLAYER as shown below in the red circle. (You can also use ) It's free.

DB Troubleshooting - Adobe Flash Player 9 & 10 AdobeFlash

After you install Flash 10, you will have to re-start your computer and then get the update again. You should not have to download & install all of the files again, but the game will have to check for an update before the new download takes effect. You can wait a day, or try to 'force' an update. The simplest way to force an update is to set your clock/calendar forward a week or a month. (Just remember to set it back afterwards!) Then login to the game, and it should check for updates. If that doesn't work, take a look here: problems downloading updates?

If you have any problems with Flash 10, you can find some good advice here:

Please Install Adobe Flash Player 9 and other Flash related issues by revvinon

The following advice predates the 5.0 Paradox Green update and is most useful if you do not have or want the 5.0 update.

There seems that some have had issues with the intialization of the Adobe Flash Player 9 with their U.B. Funkey game. Here is a solution that a member of the forum had found:
Earlier today I contacted Radica because I had considered uninstalling and reinstalling UB Funkeys to see if that would solve anything, and wasn't sure if the Funkeys starter pack came with an installation CD. While talking to their tech support, the lady told me that I really didn't have to uninstall it but rather uninstall Flash Player and reinstall it. I subscribe to's newsletters and today I received my daily email from them and it mentioned there was a new version of Flash Player 9 that had patches to fix the bugs and other issues that have been cropping up. I mentioned this to the tech at Radica , because I had asked if they had been receiving a lot of calls lately because of this issue. She said that they have been getting many calls about this. ( From what I understand Radica really cannot do anything concerning Flash Player as it is a "third party software" and you must go to the supplier, Adobe, in this case to get support.) She told me they have been instructed to do the following:
For the following you must use Internet Explorer browser for the best results, instead of Firefox.
1) Go to and find the link to uninstall the flash player program. Download and install it and run the program.
(You will probably need to copy and paste above link into your address bar.)
2) After running the uninstall program, restart your computer.
3) Go back to and download the latest version of Flash Player 9 ( as of the day I'm posting this it is version
Available at this link:
(may need to copy and paste the above link into your address bar)
Install and run the program and that should be it.
I did that and was able to access UB Funkeys without any error messages and my son was SO happy to be able to play again without any further issues.

Thanks Tom923 and ceryt56 for finding this solution!

Here is an additional link for troubleshooting Adobe Flash Player 9:
(Will probably need to copy and paste above link into address bar)

Also it seems that the game doesn't like Flash 10 -
[quote="revvinon"]If for some reason you have problems with Flash 10 (I know I did with snipe's game - not sure if they resolved this) but here is a link to get Adobe Flash 9:
You will need to use the Flash Uninstaller to first remove Flash before installing either Flash:

If you still have questions or still need further assistance with this problem, please post a question in the Help Me! forum so your question will not be overlooked.
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DB Troubleshooting - Adobe Flash Player 9 & 10
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