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 DA Troubleshooting - progress isn't saving

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DA Troubleshooting - progress isn't saving Empty
PostSubject: DA Troubleshooting - progress isn't saving   DA Troubleshooting - progress isn't saving Icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2010 2:18 am

HELP! Progress isn't saving! by revvinon

Q. Is there a problem running UBFunkeys from a "limited account" in XP?
I installed it from my admin account. I can play, and things get saved. When my son plays from his limited account, things don't get saved.

A. If you are indeed logging in as the same user and it's not holding the information (coins, games, etc...) from the previous time you played, the only thing I can think of is a permissions issue on the computer. The files that keep track of your progress are stored in the C:\Program Files\U.B. Funkeys\RadicaGame\data\*your username* folder. If you are logged on to the computer using a restricted account that can't write to that directory, then your progress wouldn't be saved. An easy way to know if that's not the issue is whether it's the same user account on your computer that you used to install the game. If it is, then it obviously has the rights to write to that directory. (*excerpt taken from another post on this subject*)

Here is how one person solved this issue:
After installing U.B. Funkeys normally using the Admin account, I:

1) Shared the U.B. Funkeys folder - Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder and right-click. Select "Sharing and Secruity..." and then check the boxes to "Share this folder on the network" (I changed the share name to "UBFunkeys" eliminating the spaces and dots). I also checked "Allow network users to change my files"

2) Then, I logged into the limited account and mapped a network drive - Using Windows Explorer, select Tools-->Map Network Drive... I mapped the U: drive to the folder I shared from the admin account.

3) Next, I changed the U.B. Funkeys icon in the limited account to use the mapped network drive - Right-click the U.B. Funkeys icon and select Properties. Change the Target to "U:\RadicaGame\UBFunkeys.exe" and the "Start in" folder to "U:\RadicaGame"

When you run it from this icon, you get an error message about an "unknown publisher" but you can still click "Run" and everything works OK. (*excerpt taken from another post on this subject*)

Hope this helps and also, if you still have questions or issues, please start a topic in the Help Me! forum.

Good Luck!
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DA Troubleshooting - progress isn't saving
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